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Lanyard Printing

Printing press in dubai provides complete range of custom Lanyard manufacturing & printing services across UAE with high quality multi colours sublimation printing and fine edge stitch and finish. Lanyard is a rope or a strap that is usually wear around the writs or neck with the purpose of carrying something ID cards, keys, USB, Mobile phone, school ID, access card, id pass, entrance pass etc... The standar lanyard material which used for making lanyards are: nylon, cotton, woven, cotton, or polyester and other material can be used. We offer various lanyard printing solution with latest and advanced print technique to full fill your lanyard printing needs in today age such as:

Wide rante of custom printing Lanyard Materials at factory price in Dubai

are looking for a reliable and affordable Lanyard with printing factory in dubai ? if so we are only one UAE Middle east largest lanyard printing, manufacturing and supply company in dubai since 2000. We are capable to do all types of custom lanyard manufacturing with multi colours printing even bulk order very limited time delivery. Our lanyard printing factory capable to do more than 1 million pcs of custom lanyard every month. We produce almost all types, design, size and shapes of lanyards upon customer requirements with variety of material and accessories. We use high quality latest and advanced technology of lanyard making machinery in our factory to produce inexpensive price, higher quality and timely delivery.


Satin Lanyard

We are one of the UAE Largest lanyard printings & manufacturing hub which founded in early 2000 and capable to supply all types premium satin lanyards at low price, superior quality & faster turnaround. Our satin lanyards can be used in school, collage, hospital, clinic, exhibition, event, trade centre in dubai and other many more business firm.


Polyester Lanyard

Providing finest quality of polyester lanyard with different hook, safety clip, buckle and card holder in dubai with attractive price and quick production. Our polyester lanyard eco-friendly material which can be printed with single to multi colours. Custom polyester lanyard is long lasting and durable for school, event and exhibition and other long-term usage too.

Lanyard Accessories choices in Dubai

Our lanyard printing process in dubai is amazing service we offer with wide range of customized lanyard accessories. We supply plain readymade lanyard also multi colours edge to edge printed lanyard wholesale and retail in UAE market. We manufacture, print lanyards in dubai & supply across UAE, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, KSA, Europe and Several African countries as well. You can choose any types of lanyard accessories as mentioned below:

  • Bull dog hook, Key ring, J-Hook
  • Crocodile clip, alligator clip, Metal Lobster Claw, Bulldog Clip
  • Metal Oval Hook, Metal Swivel Hook
  • Metal Slide Hook, Snap Swivel Hook
  • Plastic safety break away on neck
  • Plastic buckl for emergency release
  • Metal crimp for school lanyard instead of stitch

Dog Hook


Oval Hook


Metal Crimp




Break Away




Mobile Holder




ID Card


Access Card


Card Holder


Lanyard Pouch


Lanyard Printing choices and method in Dubai

We manufacture and print lanyards locally in our dubai factory and supply all over middle east with customized accessories. We use state of the art quality of lanyard printing methods such as, sublimation, heat press, silk screen, dye sublimation, rubber printing, foil printing, embroidery print etc… we too provide free lanyard design, lay out and actual sample upon job booking for your approval before mass production. We use high quality lanyard printing machinery, well trained staff, professional and trained quality control team to make faster production with maintaining world class quality in lanyard printing and production .


Sublimation printing Lanyard

Lanyard Sublimation is a latest and amazing printing technology came to light in the late 2000 and widely accepted in the lanyard printing industry. we do lanyard sublimation with high quality eco solvent ink with sublimation coated paper and pressing through automatic heat press machine to transfer images from paper to lanyard cloth. tes minus officiis qui nobis commodi eligendi.


Silk Screen Printing Lanyard

Lanyard Silkscreen Printing is a stencilling method which traditional way of printing ink through stencils that are supported by a porous Lanyard fabric mesh stretched across a frame called a screen. Silkscreen Printing on lanyard is ideally suited for bold and graphic designs with single colour to 2 colours particularly for cut color printing.


Embroidery Lanyard

We manage to embroidery on lanyards in dubai like, satin, woven, polyester material. Lanyard embroidery used to do logo and company name embroidery instead of print or sublimation. Embroidery on lanyard is a premium choice to do with single side and both side with multiple clip and hook accessories.


Rubber Printing Lanyard

Lanyard rubber printing we do that a special and rare printing process in the lanyards. Basically, lanyard rubber printing means similar to screen print ink with poly rubber ink which pass through exposed screen mesh into lanyard. We can use satin, woven, polyester lanyards with rubber printing which looks like exposed 3D print

We can make lanyards printing based on your requirements in dubai like:

custom lanyard

Customized lanyard print we handle in our factory with totally different quality than readymade lanyard. We can do all types of customization lanyard based on client requirements with their particular business needs. Custom lanyard with logo printing widely used for all business firm, office, school, event, exhibition and other trade shows etc..

school lanyard

We offer all types of school lanyard printing and customization in dubai with variety of durable material to stay long lasting and through out the year end usage for school kids and adults. School lanyards comes with wide range of safety features such as safety clip, release buckle and metal crimps instead of stitching.

ID lanyard

ID Lanyards widely used in various sales centre, business firm, trade shows, University, school, hospital, event and exhibition hall in Dubai. ID lanyards comes with custom logo and company name printing along with ID cards attached. ID lanyards can be attached with direct punching card or inserting into PVC clear card holder or ID pouch.

lanyard lace

Lanyard lace mean generally called id card holder or access card holder string. Lanyard lace comes with many types of accessories like, Key ring, J-Hook, Metal Lobster Claw, Bulldog Clip, Metal Oval Hook etc.. Lanyard lace is one of wide choice to hold and carry all types of USB, ID card, access card, mobile phone, key chain etc…

exhibition & event lanyard

Our range of exhibition & Event lanyards comes with dog hook, metal hook and safety clip on neck. Exhibition lanyard we print in satin and polyester material with multi colours printing. Exhibition lanyards available in 2 cm, 1.5 cm width size and 1 mm thick cloth and card holder attached with solid plastic and clear pvc.

hook lanyard

Hook lanyard size Length: 90cm, 95cm, or 100cm; Wide: 1cm, 1.5cm, 2.0cm, 2.5cm. Hook lanyard Color as requested multi colours print. Hook lanyard Material Polyester, nylon, polyamide, pp, ribbon. Hook lanyard Printing Method Silk screen printing, heat transfer printing/sublimation, woven/jacquard/embroidering etc.

mobile holder lanyard

Mobile holder lanyards printing in dubai are soft and have no edges but attached with mobile holder. Mobile Holder Lanyards easily snaps apart after they get stuck has some safety breakaway features too. Mobile holder lanyard available in various size like 1.5, 2 and 2.5 cm sizes, which collectively comes with hook, safety clip and buckle.

crocodile clip lanyard

Crocodile clip lanyards printing in UAE which are appropriate for all types of promotional use as they’re light weight and cost effective. Crocodile lanyard printing comes with logo and company name for Promotional and identification needs. These Lanyards printed in scree, sublimation and heat press transfer as well.

metal crimp lanyard

Metal crimp lanyards printing in Dubai which widely used school especially in kinder garden and below 5th class student to wear with their school ID card. Metal crimp comes in the end of hook area to attach instead of stitching to get more stronger and not to loosen kids ID cards any way. We offer different sizes of metal crimp lanyards too.

Printing press dubai manufacture high quality lanyard with edge to edge printing and supply at cheap price in UAE. We export our custom printed lnayrds to all over Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, KSA, Kuwait, Europe and African country. We are leading customized lanyard producer with any size and any colors printing and quick production even urgent delivery available within hour and day services too. Our lanyard local delivery services available all over UAE like in Dubai, Sharjah, Abudhabi, RAK, Ajman, Al Ain

  • Wholesale lanyard supplier and exporter in UAE
  • Reliable lanyard manufacturing and printing company in UAE at cheap price
  • Urgent lanyard printing within 3 hours and quick lanyard printing
  • 24 hours printing services and we make full color lanyard printing over edge to edge
  • You can take any length lanyard with any types of clips, buckle or clipsWe supply bulk qty of ID cards, PVC cards, Name badge, lanyard pouch etc…
  • 20mm or 2 cm width lanyard and 15mm or 1.5 cm width lanyards widely available as common
  • High quality lanyard at really affordable price
  • Customized lanyard comes with various hook like dog hook, crocodile clip, oval shape hook, mobile straps
  • Lanyard with safety buckle, safety break away and clips
  • Sublimation lanyard and silk screen printing lanyard
  • 0.60 mm lanyard, 1 mm lanyard in satin and polyester material
  • Badges, id cards, pass printing, access cards, reel badges, id card holder, plastic pouch supplier in UAE

Printing press in dubai now offer complete range of customized lanyard sublimation and heat press with multi colors logo over edge to edge print production by using our latest and advanced technology of large format roll to roll sublimation and transfer machinery. We offer fine quality of solid full patch dye sublimation lanyard, neck thread with photo quality print and cmyk and pantone color code matching sublimation. Our research team always invents and implements new technology to get high quality lanyard production in locally with affordable price and to make fast delivery as per market demand in UAE. Our new roll to roll lanyard sublimation machinery advantage is:

  • Custom multi colors lanyard sample can be taken within hour
  • Urgent production in 2 hours
  • 10,000 quantity of full colors lanyard printing and manufacturing within day delivery in dubai, UAE
  • Our highly capable lanyard production unit can be finished Millions of quantity sublimation lanyard printing, transfer, manufacturing, stitching and within week delivery in UAE.
  • Multi colors sublimation lanyard low MOQ (minimum order quantity) can be accepted even full patch
  • Special price for advertising agency and printing companies we supply even small and bulk order custom lanyards or ready made
  • 100% in house lanyard sublimation unit in UAE and UAE number 1 customized lanyard factory too.
  • Our sublimation and heat press lanyard can be reliable, affordable and on time delivery by using our local production facility in Dubai, UAE.

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